Netizens ventilate their dissent on Prime Minister Mr Modi.


While the whole of Telangana is witnessing protests over the remarks made against by the Telangana and the process of state bifurcation, thousands of netizens took to social media and the #ModiEnemyOfTelagana trended top on Twitter today.

Within one hour over 25,000 netizens used the hashtag hour to express their unhappiness over the way Mr Modi spoke in Parliament about the formation of separate Telangana. Having ranked the top, it attracted the attention of all countrymen.

It may be noted that Mr Modi after eight years of the formation of Telangana state faulted the process. He might be unaware that his party leaders then in Parliament including the ministers like Ms Sushma Swaraj supported the cause of separate Telangana.

As the state progressed well and has been demanding its due share, the BJP leaders developed animosity towards the state. Discriminating against the Telangana state and depriving its due share in the development, now they desperately trying to come to power in Telangana by resorting to cheap tricks and spreading false propaganda.

The BJP has nothing to claim about its contribution to Telangana except showing eagerness to come to power. The people of Telangana are now seeing the true face of the party and are averse to its political machinations.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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