Nagarjuna Sagar Left Canal turned dry for the first time in a decade

Representative Image (File photo of Nagarjuna Sagar Left Canal)

After the formation of Telangana, the KCR government implemented a special plan to utilize Nagarjuna Sagar project water for the benefit of farmers. The previous government ensured water for two crops in a year and resisted the control of external forces on the irrigation projects. However, recent developments suggest a shift in this scenario. Despite the availability of enough water for the ayacut, water is not being released in the Sagar left canal.

The AP government’s forceful occupation of the dam up to the 13th gate, coupled with the release of Krishna River water through the right canal, has raised concerns. The Centre’s intervention, deploying CRPF forces to take control of the Nagarjuna Sagar Dam, has exacerbated tensions.

The Congress government in Telangana is grappling with these issues, as experts warn of dire consequences if the dam falls under central control. In the last 10 years, the KCR government has ensured timely release of water for irrigation through the left canal. This move had led to a sharp increase in agricultural production.

Details of water released in the Left Canal in the last ten years

Year – Water Level – Release Date

2014 – 515 ft – August 6

2015 – Water released only for drinking water purpose

2016 – 514.20 ft – August 26

2017 – 576 ft – October 31

2018 – 555 ft – August 23

2019 – 556 ft – August 11

2020 – 556 ft – August 7

2021 – 585 ft – August 5

2022 – 555 ft – July 31