Parents rally against insect-infested meals at TSWR School in Mancherial

A group of parents gathered in protest at Telangana Social Welfare Residential School (TSWR) in Mulkalla village, Mancherial, expressing concern over the alleged presence of insects in the meals served to students. The protest took place on Tuesday, as parents voiced their dissatisfaction with the school management’s handling of food hygiene.

Parents were upset that their children were served meals containing rice infested with insects. They engaged in a heated discussion with the school principal, urging immediate steps to ensure the provision of clean and tasty food for the students. The parents criticized the school management for negligence in maintaining food quality for the students.

In a bid to highlight their concerns, parents prevented students from consuming the afternoon meal, resulting in a temporary disruption of classes. Normalcy was restored only after the principal assured them of corrective measures to prevent a recurrence of such incidents in the future.