Must read: Reality behind the hype about CM Revanth Reddy’s Davos tour

CM Revanth Reddy, along with the Telangana delegation, is currently in Davos to attend the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum. Some sections are projecting that the trip is attracting huge investments into the state due to the efforts of the Congress government. However, the reality is different. Let’s take a closer look at the truth behind the hype about CM Revanth Reddy’s Davos tour.

Starting from the Telangana pavilion design to the quotes used on the displays, everything was done by the previous BRS government. Except for placing Revanth’s photo, the Congress government did nothing. Also, during the previous visits of Telangana delegations to Davos, the Telangana stall on the promenade was buzzing with action. CEOs and top executives of many international companies visited the stall and interacted with former Minister KTR. This time, the Telangana pavilion is a disappointment.

Regarding the investment announcements, many of the investments announced at Davos were already finalized during the BRS regime. In fact, some of the proposed key investments were withdrawn due to a lack of trust in the new government.

Surprisingly, the Congress government has re-announced some investments, like Godrej and JSW Energy, which were made when the BRS was in power. Now, by simply rehashing, they are claiming them as their achievements.

During the BRS rule, the Adani group pursued investments in Telangana multiple times. However, the BRS prevented them from entering Telangana due to their dubious business practices and undue demands for incentives. Now, with the Congress in power, Adani has entered Telangana. The announced investments include some shady ones like the Hyderabad-based Godi Group and Stone Craft.

Earlier, KTR participated in many important panel discussions at WEF and impressed top business leaders. On the other hand, Revanth was seated among the audience in panel discussions. While KTR interacted with numerous media houses and promoted Telangana, Revanth gave only one or two interviews and became a subject of mockery due to a lack of knowledge on the topics. To add to the insult, Revanth’s choice of an ill-fitted suit and casual T-shirt was criticized as unsuitable for the global event.

Contrary to the propaganda, the Revanth Reddy government is merely basking in the glory of the previous government. The party is claiming credit for the work done during the BRS regime and is only posturing for optics.