MP Ranjith Reddy betrayed BRS; will be defeated this time: KTR

BRS party working president KTR has denounced MP Ranjith Reddy’s departure from the party to join Congress, labeling him as a political opportunist. KTR criticized Ranjith Reddy for abandoning the party in pursuit of power and to safeguard his businesses.

Despite being a political newcomer during the 2019 parliamentary elections, the entire party and cadre worked tirelessly for his victory, elevating him to the status of parliamentary member. However, despite the sacrifices and commitment from the party cadre, Ranjith Reddy deceived the party and defected. KTR held a meeting in Telangana Bhavan attended by party leaders from the Chevella constituency.

KTR also recalled Ranjith Reddy’s untimely selfish behavior at the time of MLC Kavita’s arrest, highlighting his contradictory actions. While claiming to regard Kavitha as his sister, Ranjith Reddy betrayed the party and joined Congress with a smile on the very day when the central government and agencies targeted Kavita under the guise of searches.

Despite the significance and freedom given to Ranjith Reddy within the party and his constituency, his departure has prompted widespread discussion about his selfish motives. KTR remarked, “No individual is above the party. If that were the case, we would only have independent candidates in parliament, not parties.” He recalled the example of Vishweshwar Reddy, who left the party and subsequently lost the election in the Chevella constituency.

While addressing the selfish agenda between Mr. Ranjith Reddy and Chief Minister Revanth Reddy, KTR dismissed the notion that BRS party workers would support Congress, calling such expectations politically naive. KTR highlighted the confusion within the Congress party regarding candidate selection for the MP elections.

In contrast, he praised BRS party candidate for the Chevella segment, Kasani Gnaneshwar, for his dedication to backward communities and minorities, and his reputation as a humble leader. Party leaders have expressed their confidence in Kasani Gnaneshwar’s victory in the upcoming elections.