Modi is the most inefficient & ineffective PM the country has ever seen – CM KCR.

The BJP government led by Mr Modi is thriving on lies and false propaganda. It has nothing good or any achievement to claim. He failed to answer my questions except by trying to woo the people by just taking the names of Bhadrachalam Sri Rama, Jogulamba, and Yadadri Laxminarsimha Swamy, said Mr KCR.

Lashing out at Mr Modi, the chief minister said the BJP was putting people to hardship by increasing cooking gas, petrol, diesel, and other essential commodities. But the same government has written off bank loans of Rs 12 lakh crore looted by the businessmen. “What is the share of BJP in it?” MR KCR sought to know.

He said he has been asking this on behalf of 140 crore people of the country. Mr Modi has a moral responsibility to answer these questions.  The prime minister who said he would bring back the black money for Swiss banks has indeed doubled during his regime now. Why does not the BJP government catch those who looted banks? Why terrify opposition leaders using ED, IT, and CBI? Is this the way a government is expected to function?

Those in London tell that they have given a share to BJP already and enjoying it there. Is it true? Recently an accused publicly said he gave Rs 20 crore towards party fund to BJP. Let Mr Modi deny it.

While the Congress government policies resulted in a brain drain, the BJP policies are leading to a capital drain.

While Congress leader Ms. Indira Gandhi openly declared an emergency, in this BJP regime a kind of undeclared emergency is prevailing. This is the cruelest, unpatriotic, and divisive politics being played by the BJP, Mr KCR said.


By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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