Minister Mr KTR hands over 468 double bedroom houses to the poor.



The state government desires to see people happy and it always strives for it, said Municipal Administration minister Mr KTR.
Handing over 468 double bedroom houses to the beneficiaries at old Marredpally, he pointed out that marriage and owning a house are dreams for the majority of people. They throw many families into a debt trap. But our chief minister Mr KCR has come like a blessing to us as he is taking care of those two important issues. He has been introducing several welfare schemes to help people relieve from economic distress and from falling into a debt trap.
The people of Telangana should strengthen the hands of the chief minister for the continuance of such programmes.
Mr KTR said people in other states are asking for a chief minister Mr KCR and some were demanding for the merger of their villages into Telangana from Maharashtra and Karnataka.
Mr Rama Rao wanted the beneficiaries to keep their surroundings tidy and cultivate greenery all over.
Animal Husbandry minister Mr Taladani Srinivas Yadav said the government set aside land worth Rs 305 crore for constructing 468 double bedroom houses for the poor. It is also spending Rs 100 crore for improving Hasmatpet Nala. The state government is providing free drinking water to the poor. Chief Minister Mr KCR is pro-poor and nowhere in the country one can find such good welfare programmes.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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