Minister Mr KTR dares BJP.



Throwing a gauntlet at the union minister Mr Kishan Reddy and other state BJP leaders , Telangana IT minister Mr KTR said he was ready to give up his minister post if his accusations are proved wrong. All the Telangana money was being shifted to Gujarat. Even the project that Mr Kishan Reddy promised of getting to Telangana was shifted to Gujarat.
The minister Mr KTR addressed the party cadre at Warangal.
The Telangana government paid Rs 3.65 lakh crore to the centre but in return the state got Rs 1.68 lakh crore.
Mr KTR lashed out at BJP leaders and warned them to mind their language.
He said their leader Mr KCR taught the party leaders good culture.
The BJP leaders who did not bring a project or funds to Telangana are shouting at the ruling TRS party. They should shut their mouths and stop making baseless allegations against the ruling party or chief minister.
The BJP leaders are dreaming of coming to power in Telangana just by creating divide among people. But the TRS will not allow evil designs. IT will not allow them to create any violence in peaceful and progressive Telangana state.
BJP proved itself as not different from the Congress that indulged in the same things creating violence, depriving people of development and misusing the Governor office and other agencies against the state governments.
Mr KTR said clinging to power was not their nature like BJP leaders. The TRS leaders gave up power just like that several times and are still ready to do so. The TRS is for people of Telangana but not for power.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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