Liquor prices likely to go up in Telangana 

Revanth Reddy government is preparing to deliver a shock to booze lovers. A few days back, the government introduced new liquor brands but retracted the decision by discontinuing some brands following opposition from consumers. Now, they are contemplating liquor price hike.

Currently, the annual income generated from liquor sales stands at approximately Rs. 37,000 crores. The new target is now set at Rs. 47,000 crores. To this end, a ministerial sub-committee is convened to focus on revenue mobilization for the excise department. 

Discussions included identifying departments capable of collecting additional funds, with an emphasis on increasing liquor prices. Reports indicate that excise officials have already assigned targets to the staff to meet these new goals, with each liquor shop expected to achieve a target of Rs. 50 lakh.

In neighboring Andhra Pradesh, the previous government permitted only a limited number of liquor brands, prompting residents to purchase their preferred brands from the border districts of Telangana. With the change in government in AP, the liquor policy is likely to change, potentially allowing the sale of all liquor brands. In light of these developments, Telangana may also consider raising liquor prices.