KTR slams Rahul Gandhi for his comments on Kaleshwaram

BRS Working President KTR slams Rahul Gandhi and Revanth Reddy for their comments on Kaleshwaram. KTR said that Rahul Gandhi was India’s ‘Pappu’ and Revanth Reddy was Telangana’s ‘Pappu’. He said that Rahul Gandhi and Revanth Reddy went to inspect Kaleshwaram and were propagating that the bridge would break. “They talk like they are expert engineers,” said KTR.

KTR said that these two leaders were showing expansion joints of a bridge and planting fear in people by stating that the bridge would break. The BRS Party Working President stated that Kaleshwaram was a blessing to the people of Telangana and the Congress party was a curse to the people of India.

“Rahul Gandhi does not know history nor does he make an effort to learn. He should either change the script or change the scriptwriter,” KTR said. He asked Rahul Gandhi to know the facts about Kaleshwaram and not just read the script given by the leaders sitting beside him. Sharply attacking Revanth Reddy, KTR said that the former was a blackmailer and a corrupt leader who was caught red-handedly in the vote for note case and was now selling tickets for money. “Revanth Reddy was more dangerous than Dawood Ibrahim and Charles Sobhraj,” said KTR.

“Congress is nothing but Scamgress,” said KTR. Listing Congress’s scams, KTR mentioned A-Adarsh Scam, B-Bofors Scam, and C- Common Wealth Scam and said the list was endless. He added that union ministers, state ministers, and prime ministers of Congress went to jail on the charges of corruption and that talking about honesty and integrity was a big joke. “When the Telangana govt spent Rs 80,000 Crore on the project, how can 1 lakh crore corruption take place?” KTR asked.

KTR said that Congress in 2008 laid a plan for the Pranahita project with Rs. 40,000 crores and there were no reservoirs, canals, or pump houses. He asked if the estimates would not increase after 15 years. He recalled the days when people played cricket in the SRSP canal in Manakondur as there was no water in Congress governance. KTR said that Medigadda was constructed in a place where Shabari, Pranahitha, and Godavari meet. The intention was to maintain water in Pranahita River to face drought conditions if any in the future.

KTR said that BRS Govt constructed reservoirs, canals, barrages, and pump houses. Talking about the capacities, he said that Mallanna Sagar has 50 TMC, Ranganayaka Sagar 3 TMC, and Konda Pochamma Sagar 12 TMC. KTR said that Telangana ranked number one in agri production and this became a reality after the BRS Govt. constructed over 10 Barrages and reservoirs like Sundilla, Annaram, Medigadda, Mallanna Sagar, Ranganayaka Sagar, Kondapochama Sagar, Gandhamalla.