KTR shares his vision for futuristic growth of Hyderabad

Speaking at the ‘Real Estate Summit’ in Hyderabad, KTR shared his vision for Hyderabad and a plan of action the Govt wants to take up after forming the Govt for the third time on December 3rd, 2023. Talking about the Congress Govt in Karnataka, KTR asked people to look at what’s happening in Bangalore. He stated that there was a 28% dip in the construction and real estate industry after Congress came to power in Karnataka. He further added that a stable government and an able leadership can only keep the progress going.

“If you want to enjoy your holidays and the boom of the industry, don’t give us a holiday. Encourage a government which is working for the welfare of all,” KTR said. Talking about the three prominent Chief Ministers the Telugu states had, KTR said that Chandrababu Naidu Govt from 1999 – 2004 was pro IT and Hyderabad, and YS Rajashekar Reddy Govt from 2004 – 2009 was pro rural, agriculture, poor. He further said that CM KCR since 2004 has delivered a balance as the BRS Govt is pro-urban – pro-rural, pro-agriculture – pro-business, and pro-poor – pro-progressive. This is a unique balance, he added.

In the meeting, KTR talked about the Telangana model which is a holistic, integrated, inclusive, and balanced model. He further added that the BRS Govt introduced policies and schemes keeping in mind rural and urban development, industry and environment, agriculture, and information technology.

KTR mentioned that it was this Telangana model that brought the change in the State and the basics have been addressed. He further stated that the opposition parties today are not able to attack BRS politically as the basic issues of the people have been well addressed. Earlier electricity, water supply, and irrigation were major problems and these problems don’t exist anymore, KTR added.

KTR stated that the opposition was bringing 99.99% of the issues that don’t bother the common man. Instead, they are coming up with issues that bother a few self-styled intellectuals, politicians, and lobbyists. “We have a love for Telangana and we don’t have arrogance,” he added, countering the opposition leader’s accusation of calling BRS leaders as arrogant.

KTR stated that despite losing two years and bearing one lakh crore losses due to COVID-19, the development in the state continued under the leadership of CM KCR. He added that two more years went into elections and the BRS Govt properly had six and a half years to govern. He added that the BRS Govt could bring major development in the state which the opposition couldn’t do in six decades.

KTR stated that in 2014 the IT exports were Rs. 57,000 crores and by 2023 the numbers rose to Rs. 2,41,000 crores. “Without COVID, we could have crossed 3 lakh crores,” he said. KTR also highlighted that in paddy production Telangana’s rank was 14th and in 2022 Telangana crossed Haryana and Punjab and stood at the number one position. Through TS-iPASS 24000 approvals, Rs. 4 lakh investment potential and 24 lakh job potential have been achieved, he said.

In 2014, Telangana’s per capita income was Rs. 1,14,000 rupees and today it is Rs. 3,17,000 which is the highest for any state in the country, he said. “We are less than two and a half percent of India in terms of population but we won 30% of National Panchayat awards. With Palle Pragathi and Pattana Programs we won the second largest number of Swachh Sarvekshan Awards in the country,” KTR said.

Talking about the BRS government’s focus in the coming days, KTR stated that A new housing scheme will be brought in apart from the existing 2 BHK program with an international to provide a house for every family in the state. He also stated that the Govt will work to achieve 100% literacy. “By 2047 India will celebrate 100 years of independence. By then Hyderabad should become a beacon of progress and innovation, inclusive growth, and embrace sustainability, while also preserving its rich cultural heritage,” KTR said.

Talking about sustainability, KTR stated that the use of renewable energy and sustainable energy will be encouraged in the transportation and construction industry. “I want to see Hyderabad having proper earmarked by-cycle lanes,” KTR said. He also talked about the use of electric vehicles as shuttles which will increase metro ridership as a free service which will increase the adoption rate. He also stated that the focus will also be on creating more green spaces and reforestation in Hyderabad.

KTR also stated that there were 977 urban parks in and around HMDA limits. We need to maintain and preserve them and at the same time, community engagement will also be encouraged, he said. KTR also said that the Govt will work for electrification of vehicles to reduce emissions which will also reduce the operating cost.

“Hyderabad should become a poster city for the rest of the world in safety,” KTR added. He said that the city had many CCTV cameras and wings like SHE teams for the safety of women. He further said that a stringent cyber security measure will be taken and special legislation will be brought in for the same. AI and IoT will also be leveraged to protect people in online spaces, he said.

During the session, KTR also shared his dream to achieve a 24/7 water supply in Hyderabad. He further stated that the Hyderabad metro will be increased to 415 km in the next ten years. “For a city to emerge as a global city, a robust public transport system should come into place,” he said. He also assured to completion of a 250 km metro line in the next five years.

KTR stated that Rapid Rail transit would be developed to reach any nook and corner of the state. This way employees can work in any town or Hyderabad and commute easily. “RRT will be a game changer for Telangana,” he said. This will help in decentralization and reduce the load on Hyderabad, he said.

Highlighting that Hyderabad has the scope for hosting a line of international events, KTR said that the city will be transformed into a MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions, Exhibitions) capital of the World. KTR also talked about developing satellite townships, an Urban Flood Management System, a World-class IMAGE city, boosting tourism, strengthening sporting infrastructure, and developing Hyderabad to host the Olympics.