KTR exposes conspiracy of Modi and Adani on Bailadila mines

Favouring the protection of the Public Sector companies, the IT and Industries minister K T Rama Rao has said the state government is ready to set up a steel plant at Bayyaram. However, he said that the iron ore mines of Bailadila should be handed over to the Bayyaram steel plant. Presently the Bailadila mines are in the clutches of Modi’s friend Adani, denying the Bayyaram steel plant of captive iron ore mines, KTR said.

Modi government handed over the Bailadila mines to two foreign companies with which Adani has joint venture. The Bailadila mines are 150 kilometres away from Bayyaram but the ore is being supplied to Gujarat-based plant which is 1800 kilometres away. The Central government denied the Kadapa of the steel plant which was also part of the bifurcation promise.

The Modi government is playing the same game depriving the Vizag steel plant of any captive mines or providing financial assistance only to see that it collapses. Then it could be handed over to Modi’s corporate friends. Mr Rama Rao said the Telangana chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao is committed to protecting public sector companies in word and deed. The works related to the upcoming power projects were given to BHEL and welfare schemes such as insurance to farmers and weavers were given to LIC of India. “If the public sector companies are protected, they will help provide jobs and reservations,” he pointed out.

The minister further said efforts were on to open the Nizam Sugar Factory and is ready to provide Rs. 250 crore. Similarly, the government held talks with the BILT factory at Kamalapur, Mulugu district to reopen it. Modi’s government has adopted a principle – socialisation of losses and privatisation of profits – only to benefit his corporate friends at the cost of the country’s people.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao