Amith Shah is king of lies, Minister Mr KTR.


Minister and TRS party working president Mr KTR gave a strong counter to Mr Amith Shah over his remarks at yesterday’s public meeting.
Mr KTR sought to know if he spoke anything good about Telangana or made any promise to people. The BJP leader talks about corruption while his own MLA in Karnataka openly said he was offered the CM post if he paid Rs 2,500 crore.

The BJP leader shamelessly claims that TRS copied their programmes and renamed them. Mr KTR challenged the bjp leader to show one. It was the TRS government which launched the Mission Bhagiratha that was copied by BJP as Har Ghar Jal. It was TRS that launched Rythu Bandhu which was later copied by BJP as PM kisan yojana. There are several such schemes the TRS can prove.
Another shameless claim of BJP leaders is that they are funding Palle Pragathi and Pattana Pragathi. If that is true, why such programmes are absent in BJP ruled states, the TRS leader sought to know.
The debt of Telangana is within the limit and loans were utilized to create infrastructure like Kaleswaram project, mission Bhagiratha etc.
What does Mr Modi do by borrowing Rs 100 lakh crore?
The BJP is engaged in dividing people with its nefarious designs to secure power in every state.
The people of Telangana are aware of such lies and bad designs. They will teach a lesson once again to the BJP that lost deposits in 108 assembly seats in the last election, Mr KTR said.
The TRS leader produced all evidence against the false claims and lies of BJP leaders in his one hour long press meet.
He reiterated that Telangana is being discriminated against by the BJP-led Government deliberately. It denied all educational institutions. The TRS leader asked BJP leaders what they did to Telangana during the last eight years.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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