KTR criticizes Revanth Reddy and Rahul Gandhi for deceiving unemployed Youth

In a scathing address at a meeting of BRSV leaders, KTR launched a series of criticisms against Revanth Reddy and Rahul Gandhi, accusing them of deceiving and insulting unemployed youth and students.

KTR criticised Revanth Reddy, asserting that he should apologize to students and unemployed people for his actions and comments. “Revanth should apologize to students and unemployed youth for insulting them with his derogatory comments in the Mahabubnagar meeting,” KTR demanded. He highlighted that Revanth had promised a Mega DSC with 50,000 jobs while in opposition but has only offered around 6,000 additional posts since coming to power.

KTR also accused Rahul Gandhi of exploiting students for political gain, stating, “Rahul Gandhi used students for power.” He criticized the Congress party for using unemployed individuals as election tools, and failing to deliver on promises of job creation. KTR accused Revanth Reddy of having an autocratic mentality, intolerant even of social media posts. He pointed out the police attacks on journalists and students, questioning whether attacking the people is Praja palana or Indiramma Rajyam that congress promised to bring. KTR warned that the names of the police involved in these attacks on youth are being recorded by students and will be held accountable.

KTR criticized the Congress party for canceling welfare schemes and failing to keep their promises to the people. He highlighted the party’s permission for seven new private universities, which he claimed was a move contrary to their earlier stance.

Emphasizing the achievements of his tenure, KTR mentioned that over 1,62,000 government jobs had been filled, with another 40,000 in the process. He highlighted that the BRS party government provided 95% local reservation for students in jobs. KTR said that the party successfully produced many leaders who are now serving as public representatives, chairmen, mayors, and district-level presidents.

KTR underscored the vital role of student leaders, particularly when in opposition. He encouraged them to fight against government injustices and to continue the legacy of the student movement from 2009 to 2014.