KTR challenges Revanth Reddy to contest from Malkajgiri

Once again, the BRS working president KTR has challenged Chief Minister Revanth Reddy to contest from Malkajgiri. He emphasized that if Revanth Reddy steps down from his chief ministership and decides to enter the electoral fray, he will confront him in the Lok Sabha elections.

KTR criticized Revanth Reddy for his reluctance to accept the challenge despite holding such a significant position as Chief Minister, stating that he lacks the courage to face a direct challenge him. Speaking at the Malkajgiri parliamentary segment meeting held at Telangana Bhavan, KTR highlighted Revanth Reddy’s avoidance of his challenge to contest in Malkajgiri and pointed out the silence maintained by the Chief Minister on this matter.

Furthermore, KTR criticized Revanth Reddy’s political affiliations, noting his tendency to switch parties. He highlighted Revanth Reddy’s willingness to align with the BJP along with several Congress MLAs after the parliamentary elections, emphasizing his history of changing allegiances like ABVP, TRS, TDP, and Congress. KTR reiterated his allegation that Revanth Reddy’s actions resemble those of a BJP leader rather than a Congress leader, reminding the Chief Minister’s stances on BJP and Modi in contrast to Rahul Gandhi and the Congress party.

In addition to addressing Revanth Reddy, KTR also commented on Etela Rajender’s candidacy in Malkajgiri. He pointed out that after facing rejection in Gajwel in Huzurabad, Etela Rajender is now contesting in Malkajgiri. KTR urged Rajender to clarify the development initiatives undertaken by the BJP or Modi in the last decade before seeking votes. He also criticized the BJP for prioritizing corporate loan waivers over farmers’ loans, demanding Rajender’s response to this issue of farm loan waivers before expressing sympathy for state farmers. KTR also criticized the Congress government in the state for failing to fulfill electoral promises, including the 2 lakh farm loan waiver.

During the Malkajgiri Parliamentary Constituency meeting at Telangana Bhavan, KTR addressed the party MLAs and leaders present, emphasizing the significance of rigorous campaigning and coordination within the party. He stressed the necessity for extensive tours and campaigns to secure victory in India’s largest Lok Sabha constituency.