KCR should become CM again: Actor Posani Krishna Murali

Hyderabad: Film actor, AP Film and TV Development Corporation Chairman Posani Krishna Murali said that KCR is the only right person to be the Chief Minister of Telangana. He appealed to the people that CM KCR is the person who knows the soul of Telangana, he is a humanitarian, not to give up on him and to make him win once again. Posani spoke to the media in Hyderabad on Tuesday. He described CM KCR as ‘Bhola Shankar’ and very honest person.

Posani said that he wanted KCR to become the Chief Minister of Telangana from the beginning. KCR is well versed with Telangana’s history, culture and way of life. Although KCR’s body did not cooperate, he sat for the fast unto death and that shows his commitment. Congress and BJP were afraid that if anything happened to KCR, entire Telangana would become a ball of fire, and that’s why they agreed for creation of Telangana state. The honour of achieving Telangana state goes to KCR. All Telangana activists are intellectuals, but only KCR has the ability to lead them. That is why KCR is described as ‘Gandhi of Telangana’, Posani said.

Posani severely criticised Pawan Kalyan’s comments against Telangana and its people. He said that he has been living in Telangana since 1984 and no Telangana man has ever threatened him or his family. He challenged that even if Pawan Kalyan shows only one family that was sent away from Telangana, he question CM KCR.

He recalled that Shiv Sena workers chased people from other states and beat them up in Maharashtra. The leader there could not stop his activists, but during the Telangana movement, not a single Andhra person was subjected to such humiliation.