KCR Seeks Moral Support to Change The Very Face of Hyderabad

Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao on Sunday urged Hyderabadis to extend their moral support to him so that he could change the very face of the city.

Participating in the Swachh Hyderabad-Swachh Telangana Abhiyan for the second consecutive day, the Chief Minister said, “Give me moral strength and support … I will change the face of Hyderabad by creating adequate civic infrastructure to provide better living standards and environment.’’

KCR, who has been named patron of Parsigutta as part of the Swachh Abhiyan, visited the lanes and bylanes of Amber Nagar, New Ashok Nagar and nearby bastis, to see for himself the plight of the citizens.
The Chief Minister was visibly shocked to find pucca houses — constructed by encroaching nalas — and buildings built side by side without even space for ventilation in utter disregard of rules and worse, inadequate sewer lines.

Locals complained to KCR that overflowing water from the nala during rains inundates their houses. The Chief Minister, who asked the reason for it, was informed of the encroachments. “What is the solution?’’ he asked and the locals unanimously opined removal of encroachments was the only alternative and even volunteered to evict the encroachers if the government promised them rehabilitation.

The Chief Minister then promptly promised to rehabilitate the encroachers and the houseless poor in double bedroom houses. “If a patient is suffering from an ailment and medicines fail, the doctors, as a final advice, suggest surgery. Same is the case with development works. If any hurdles come, they have to be sorted out for the benefit of the society,’’ he observed.

The Chief Minister stressed the need to create civic infrastructure if the city had to be developed. There is no scarcity of funds for implementing development works but the obstacle is from certain sections of the people, he added. He further said steps would be taken to provide two-bin system by the GHMC to every household for segregation of biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste at the source itself. About 200 new auto trolleys with two compartments would be purchased by the government and handed over to those unemployed youths interested in taking up disposal of waste from house to house, he said. The Chief Minister requested Parsigutta locals to form a group consisting of educated people, doctors, advocates and social workers who can coordinate with residents and help implement development works without hassles.

He announced that his government will take up development works worth `200 crore in Parsigutta area alone — to improve roads, drainage and water supply among others.

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