KCR himself is a guarantee to Telangana: Talasani Srinivas Yadav

Minister Talasani SrinivasYadav has said the very name of KCR is enough that provide all guarantees to the people of the state. They do not require guarantees or declarations, unlike the Congress party. There is no guarantee to their promises. They are being read out by the leaders coming from other states.

Mr Srinivas Yadav and others said the Congress party is being headed by a foolish person. He lacks decency and decorum. He is hated by his own party. Referring to Revanth Reddy, the BRS leader said he lacks a basic understanding of a political campaign. All that he knows is to throw the mud on others and abuse opponents.

“The language being used by Revanth Reddy is highly condemnable. It is a very cheap trick to provoke people. It’s not a campaign but just a personal attack of opponents,” he said. Warning the Congress leader to control his tongue, he said the language being used by him could be against him by others as well. Mr Srinivas Yadav said they were aware of what the Opposition parties are up to and despite all the conspiracies, his party would come back to power for the third time.

Mr Yadav said there would be a massive public meeting in Hyderabad city on November 25 and there would be road shows by Mr KTR from November 17 in the constituencies in Hyderabad limits.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao