Karnataka Congress govt. hatches a conspiracy to steal Telangana jobs

The Karnataka Congress government has hatched a conspiracy to steal Telangana jobs and stall Telangana’s progress. It is widely reported that the Karnataka government is urging national and international companies to relocate to Bengaluru from Hyderabad.

Deputy CM DK Shiva Kumar and Industries Minister Patil have written letters to representatives of the industry promising them incentives and other facilities. They have also written a letter to Foxconn requesting them to consider shifting their Apple Airpods plant from Hyderabad to Bengaluru. This news has created a furore on social media with many netizens from Telangana condemning the Congress party’s blatant attempt to steal their jobs.

Telangana government’s persistent efforts have led to the investment of the Foxconn company in Hyderabad. The investment has the potential to create around 1 lakh blue-collar jobs for the youth of Telangana. Now, with the Karnataka government openly trying to hijack the investment, people are calling out the audacity of the Congress party. 

The Telangana government led by Minister KT Rama Rao has held multiple meetings with Foxconn representatives over seven years and finally convinced them to invest in Telangana. Foxconn, the world’s largest electronics manufacturing company, has recently broken ground for their Apple Airpods manufacturing plant in Hyderabad. Congress party’s letter is nothing but a planned effort to damage the interests of Telangana by stealing the local jobs.