Kaleshwaram to the rescue: Water to be released from Kondapochamma Sagar to Nizam Sagar

The Congress government, which has run propaganda against the mighty Kaleshwaram project since coming to power, now finds itself reliant on the very same project. Water resources in Nizam Sagar have been depleted due to excessive use of reserves and unpredictable monsoon conditions.

Despite the onset of the rainy season a month ago, Nizamabad district is facing a significant rainfall deficit, severely impacting farmers in the Nizam Sagar ayacut region. Typically, seeds are sown in the first week of June, but lakhs of acres now require irrigation water. The water storage situation in Nizam Sagar has become critical.

In response, an MLA who switched parties and another MLA from the Congress have urged the government to release water from Konda Pochamma Sagar. Consequently, the government has granted permission to transfer two TMC of water from Kondapochamma Sagar to Nizam Sagar.