Kaleshwaram, a boon to Telangana people.


The brainchild of Chief Minister Mr KCR, the stupendous Kaleshwaram project proves to be a boon to the state.

Even much before the start of monsoon, the Laxmi barrage received 6,700 cases of water in one day.

In 2021 the chief minister said at any time of crisis, water from Medigadda can be used to fill the Ellampalli, LMD, mid Manair, Mallannasagar, Konda Pochamma, Baswapur and Gandhamalla reservoirs. The Kaleshwaram project changed the very face of the state.

Even during the summer, river Godavari will be full of water.

It was targeted by CM KCR to provide irrigation water to a total of 80 lakh acres across the state through various projects and turn the parched Telangana into a lush green state.

Through Kaleswaram project, a total of 26,76,000 acres will be irrigated.

Through this project 750 tmc of Godavari waters could be utilized of the 954 tmc.

The visionary chief minister Mr KCR deserves all the credit for the projectbthat was planned and completed in record time.

The project will solve drinking water and irrigation water problems in several districts of the state.


By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao


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