Hyper propaganda the hallmark of the BJP

The BJP leaders are trying every trick to make people believe that Mr Modi’s meetings in Telangana are a great hit. They are adopting film promotion techniques for the purpose and every other method. The Telangana BJP leaders have been issuing statements that about one lakh people would turn out for Mr Modi’s meeting at Mahabubnagar and Nizamabad.

Indeed, the meeting addressed by him on July 3 at Parade grounds in Hyderabad witnessed a turnout of about 20,000 people. The meeting addressed by Home Minister Amit Shah at Khammam recently saw a turnout of about seven thousand people. The meeting being held at Mahabubnagar ITI college grounds is 30 acres. Half of it is earmarked for helipad and other officers. The most of the place is marked for BJP leaders. Left the space could only accommodate about 15,000 people.

Similarly, the venue at Nizamabad where Mr Modi is due to attend on October 3, the Giriraja College grounds is about 18 acres. It could accommodate about 20,000 people at the most and if one counts those on the thoroughfares, the turnout could be about 25,000 people. Here in Nizamabad district, MP D Aravind is making all-out efforts to ensure a great turnout of crowds but leaders within the BJP are not cooperating. With the recent change of mandal level leaders, most of them are staying away from the party activities.

Meanwhile, BJP leader Jithender Reddy in Mahabubanagar claimed that the meeting of Mr Modi in his district will be a one of its kind in the state. Other leaders in Hyderabad too are making tall claims about the grand turnout of people which is likely to end up as a grand propaganda.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao