Hyderabad should rise to the level of hosting Olympics: KTR

BRS Working President KTR addressed the members of the United Federation of Resident Welfare Association in Hyderabad today. During the session, KTR highlighted the work done by the BRS Govt in the past nine and a half years in Telangana. KTR said that Additional Special Commissioners would be appointed exclusively for the development and maintenance of parks and water bodies, and would be appointed by the BRS government after the elections.

Talking about the plans for Hyderabad, KTR said that the city should rise to a level where it can host the Olympics in 2036. During the session, the BRS working president shared a few plans proposed to be taken up in the next term. KTR recalled the protests that were staged by the opposition parties in the capital city for drinking water in the past and said that there were no water woes in Hyderabad anymore. He highlighted that CM KCR with his vision ensured there were no drinking water problems in Hyderabad till 2052. This was done by constructing the Kondapochamma Sagar project to supply Godavari water and drawing Krishna water from Sunkishala, he said, adding that the dream was to ensure 24-hour water supply in Hyderabad.

Stressing that Hyderabad was a no-nonsense city, he reminded that under the BRS government, there were no communal riots or regional disturbances. “We are aiming to achieve UNESCO’s World Heritage City tag for Hyderabad,” KTR said. The State had achieved a lot in the last 9.5 years and people could compare the performance with that of previous governments. Hyderabad had surpassed Bengaluru continuously in the creation of tech jobs and had emerged as the vaccine capital of the world. One job in the IT or technology sector would create three to four indirect jobs in the hospitality, tourism, and construction sectors, KTR said.

In the last 9.5 years, deducting the two years lost due to the Covid pandemic, 36 flyovers were constructed, 39 lakes were developed and beautified, and heritage structures were restored, he said, adding that former Chief Justice of India NV Ramana Rao had appreciated the concept of developing link roads to ease traffic congestion in the city.

“Imagine you are traveling in a ‘CAR’ (BRS symbol) from Hyderabad to Vijayawada. Despite two halts for tea and snacks, if the car is in good condition and the driver is good, would you change the car just for novelty?” KTR asked.