Here’s why the Telangana assembly stands as an example for the entire country

If one were to witness the Telangana state assembly proceedings, one is reminded of the initial parliamentary meetings that guided the nation after Independence. Such gentlemanly behaviour is only visible among the Telangana state’s legislators. Compared to the Andhra assembly proceedings, where loud, rude and reckless behaviour is the only way things move forward. Name calling, shouting the other person down in order to not make them be heard is  a far too common sight. No apologies offered, none taken. In fact, it is surprising that the Telangana Assembly speaker has not once spoken in the House so far, to call for order and discussion. Compare this to Andhra assembly speaker who is constantly requesting his members of the assembly to be civil and refrain from ill behaviour.

Only once, perhaps, during a discussion did Minister Jagadeeshwar Reddy use the term “Marwari” , which was pointed out by BJP MLA Kishan Reddy. After Jagadeeshwar offered his apologies and requested for the remark to be removed from the Assembly’s records, Kishan Reddy too apologised for walking into the well. Such professional conduct is impossible to be found in the Andhra Assembly’s proceedings where nominal respect to the other person while addressing them or being addressed.Senior legislators in Telangana are addressed with an elderly honour befitting their years of experience. It seems impossible to expect the same from the Andhra Pradesh Assembly’s proceedings.

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Despite being an accused in the Note For Vote scam ( case is still Subjudice) Revanth Reddy’s involvement is never called out or addressed by members of the Assembly during any interaction. In the Andhra assembly’s proceedings, Jaganmohan Reddy’s many pending cases are constantly a point of discussion.

In hindsight, it is wise for people to wonder as to who is the most civilised of the lot. The Telangana assembly legislators with their perfect conduct or the Andhra assembly’s legislators whose current sessions have more in common with the ruckus of a cattle market. It is indeed a question that requires some immediate soul searching.

Speaking to Mission Telangana, A Veteran Journalist who covered many assembly sessions says, Whatever we are witnessing today in Andhra Assemble is new low in the history of Telugu politics, If this behaviour of elected representatives is going to be continued in the near future too, We may also witness people start hating the assembly proceedings and even stop watching them.

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