Telangana Govt is ideal to the whole country in encouraging & success of startups: UK NRIs

The event “Telangana Government’s Success Stories on Startups” was organized by NRI TRS UK and TAUK (Telangana Association of United Kingdom) in London.

The young, successful entrepreneur and founders of the startup company “Brisky”, Mr. Jatin Bhatia and Rajesh Bhutada were among the guests to this event and the event was moderated by the General secretary of NRI TRS UK, Mr. Rathnakar Kadudula.

The event started by paying homage to the lost lives in the recent attack outside the British Parliament. Vice President Mr. Srikanth Peddiraju has presented the condolence speech.

NRI TRS UK President Mr. Anil Kurmachalam addressing the event brief about the activities and efforts that TRS government is putting in to bring up startups through T-Hub. He also said that, “Amongs all the states in India, Telangana governemnt is giving an exemplary encouragement to startups”. He has presented excerpts from the speeches of Telangana IT Minister Mr. KTR given at various occasions.

He appreciated the support and contributions of “Sprak10 Accelerator” company in the development of Telangana Startups, and encouraging the young talent. Also he thanked the company for supporting today’s event. Conveyed special thanks to the Founder of Spark10 Mr. Atal Malvia and L.N. Parmi.

He said, on the eve of this event it is very happy and proud to hear that Four startups, incubated at T-Hub have won awards in competitions held to recognize emerging startups. Hug Innovations, Loop Reality, AuthBase and Kheyti are startups that won awards in separate competitions held across Globe. later congratulated the 4 startups winners.

He Conveyed his special appreciation and thanks to CM KCR and IT Minister KTR for their tireless efforts in making Telangana to Golden Telangana, and making every Telanganite proud whereever they are around the globe.

Finally, he said Telangana Govt due to its strong and visionary leadership has lot of opportunities to invest, so requested everyone to make their investment or startup destination as Hyderabad.

The founder of Brisky Company, Mr. Jatin and Mr. Rajesh has addressed the meet in their words as “The distinguished attention being given to the development of Startups by Telangana government is very inspiring. Thankful to the “Spark10 accelerator” for trusting and encouraging to step ahead with our thoughts. Appreciate the vision of Mr. KTR and his leadership which is keeping Telangana and Hyderabad ahead of all in many aspects. This is the reason why the company although has started in Pune, but are expanding and establishing in Hyderabad more”. Later had a question and answer section where many aspiring young NRIs participated in it.

TAUK women president Mrs. Pavitra Kandi then addressed the crowd explaining how TAUK is contributing towards contributing to Bangaru Telangana and the future events being planned by TAUK collaborating with local UK based business associations.

Executive member Ravi Rathineni gave the Vote of thanks message to conclude the event.

Participants of the event are NRI TRS UK President and TAUK founder Mr. Anil Kurmachalam, TAUK President Pavitra Kandi, NRI TRS UK vice presidents Naveen Reddy, Ashok Kumar Dusari, Srikanth Peddiraju, General Secretary Rathnakar Kadudula, Advisory Board members Donthula Venkat Reddy, Satyam Kandi, Praveen Veera, Secretaries Sridhar Rao, Srujan Reddy, Media & PR incharge Srikanth Jella, UK & EU incharge Vikram Reddy, Treasurer madhusudhan Reddy, East London co-ordinator Naveen Madireddy, Events Co-ordinator Naveen bhuvanagiri, West London incharges Ganesh Pastam, Suresh Budugam, Executive member Ravi Kumar ratineni, TAUK members Sri Sravya, Pravalika, Telangana Jagruthi UK vice-president santosh kumar and other Telangana NRI’s RC Rao, Bhaska Neela, Vamshi Vandanapu, Rajesh, Ravikiran, Venky, Mahesh were among those attended the event.

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