Health Minister’s proactive approach floors mothers

Minister for Health, Medical and Family Welfare, C. Laxma Reddy, surely likes to take a hands-on approach. The other day, while participating in the launch of the pentavalent vaccine, the Minister’s enthusiasm to interact with patients was there for all to see.

Initially, according to the plans of the health officials, the administration of the pentavalent vaccine was to be taken up by a trained healthcare worker while the Health Minister was supposed to handover the cold box vaccine carrier. Since the vaccine was not oral and had to be given in the form of injection, the health officials figured that a nurse would be ideal for the job.

However, the Minister, who is a Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery (BHMS) , made sure that he himself participated in the whole process of administering the vaccine and not just simply handover the cold box. The Minister’s willingness surprised one and all including the large number of mothers who came to the programme along with their infants. The mothers simply hurried and lined-up in front of the Minister for the vaccine shots for their children. After a while, the Minister quite politely decided to handover with administration of the vaccine to healthcare workers.

Source: The Hindu

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