Harish Rao condemns BJP’s blatant lies on the Kaleshwaram Project in Parliament

The BRS party strongly condemned the BJP’s claim that it gave Rs. 84,000 crore fund to the prestigious Kaleshwaram project in Telangana. They described the claim as shameless and an insult to the Parliament. Finance Minister T Harish Rao came down heavily on the BJP. The party has the slightest regard for the noble Parliament and they went on making false and barefaced statements.

Despite pleas for funds, the BJP-led Central government did not give a single rupee for the project. It also did honour the request to accord national status to the Kaleshwaram lift irrigation project. Moreover, the BJP leaders from top to bottom made outrageous comments about the BRS government and the project. Some called it unviable while others including PM Modi described it as an ATM of BRS leadership.

Mr Harish Rao reminded that the union minister Bishweshwar Tudu said the Kaleshwaram project was built entirely by the Telangana state government with its own funds. He made this statement in Parliament on July 22, 2021. On July 31 and December 15, the Central government repeated the same facts. Now the same BJP government is making quirky statements obviously for political gains. They were aimed at tarnishing the BRS government in Telangana state.
“BJP is a multi-tongued creature. It can twist anything at any time. The power-mongering BJP can stoop to any low unabashedly. People who elected them are regretting now,” Mr Harish Rao said.

The flagship project of the BRS government – the Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation project is described as the biggest lift irrigation project in the world. It is the pet project of CM KCR. It won the laurels the world over. Sadly, the BJP and Congress parties are unable to recognise its efficacy and greatness. They are engaged in false propaganda misleading people for their political gains, the minister opined.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao