GHMC contractors threaten agitation over unpaid bills, development works grind to a halt

In a bold move, contractors working with the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) have issued an ultimatum, declaring that they will resume work only once their pending bills are settled. The standoff has placed Commissioner Ronald Ross and Additional Commissioner Kennedy in a challenging position, with contractors vowing to continue the stir until their dues are cleared.

The contractors, who have already staged protests, submitted petitions at zonal offices, and maintained a daily demonstration, collectively organized a protest at Indira Park Dharna Chowk on Thursday. The demonstration aimed to draw attention to the dire situation caused by the pending bills.

Expressing frustration, the contractors highlighted that GHMC owes a substantial Rs. 1,200 crores, leading to around 700 families facing financial strain. The contractors issued a stern warning, stating that if the outstanding bills are not promptly settled, a large-scale agitation will be initiated.

The ongoing dharna by contractors has brought development works to a complete standstill in recent days, amplifying the urgency for a resolution to prevent further disruption in the city’s projects and services. The GHMC is now under pressure to address the contractors’ concerns and find a resolution to avoid prolonged delays in essential development activities.