Reporting cybercrime within 2 hours crucial: Cyberabad DCP Shilpavalli

In response to a surge in financial cybercrime cases, Cyberabad Deputy Commissioner of Police Cyber Crime, Shilpavalli K, emphasizes the importance of reporting cybercrimes within the first two hours—the critical ‘golden hour’.

Shilpavalli highlights that delaying reporting, even for seemingly smaller amounts, can result in significant financial losses. Urging swift action, she stresses the need for immediate reporting to prevent funds from being transferred to cyber fraudsters.

Reporting a Cybercrime:

Victims are advised to dial 1930, the nationwide cybercrime helpline, or use the National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal as soon as they detect online fraud. Reporting through these channels ensures registration on the Citizen Financial Cyber Frauds Reporting and Management System, facilitating coordinated efforts between state police and banks to halt transactions promptly.

Shilpavalli emphasizes the critical role of timely reporting in blocking money transfers and preventing conversion to crypto or other means by cybercriminals. The DCP alerts the public to a new tactic used by cyber fraudsters involving Fedex couriers. Impersonating police officers, these fraudsters claim the victim’s involvement in a contraband transaction, leading to extortion attempts. The police officer advises victims not to panic, urging them to directly contact their local police station in such situations