From gruel centres to paddy procurement centres: CM KCR narrates the turnaround story of Mahabubnagar

The Mahabubnagar district was known for drought and migration to distant places in search of livelihood. They abandoned their lands and both rich and poor left the district in the past. But now all that is history. After the formation of Telangana state, during the last nine years, the district witnessed tremendous development in all spheres of life. On Tuesday evening at Nagarkurnool, Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao addressing a massive public meeting went down the memory line recalling those terrific days and desperate times of people.

KCR said he personally took a bus journey from Hyderabad to Mahabubnagar to see for himself the green paddy fields all over which was once barren.
The BRS government focused more on setting things right immediately after assuming power. The works on Kalwakurthy and Bheema irrigation projects began. The Mission Kakatiya, Mission Bhagiratha and the filling up of all reservoirs changed the very face of the district. Now the erstwhile district has five medical colleges. There is activity all over the district and people who migrated have come back to live happily in their villages.

“Now the Congress leaders are out reaching the people. They are telling you different stories to hoodwink you. Once they get power, those bad days will come back again. People will be put to hardship. You decide,” CM KCR told the people who attended the public meeting at Nagarkurnool.