Beware of hypocrites and bloodsuckers: CM KCR in Nagarkurnool meeting

Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has warned the people to be wary of the hypocrites and bloodsuckers coming to villages to assuring good times.
Addressing a massive public meeting at Nagarkurnool after inaugurating the collector office complex and district police office, he strongly favoured the continuance of the Dharani portal launched to benefit poor farmers. “None in this world can your land record except your thumb impression. Can anyone doubt its authenticity? How foolish is it that now Congress leaders say they would scrap it if they come to power,” Mr KCR told the cheering crowds.

The land selling and buying process and registration process were made more robust. More registration offices were opened for the benefit of farmers.
The CM laid more emphasis on the Dharani portal and asked the crowds twice if they favoured its continuance. They responded positively much to the satisfaction of Mr KCR.

In the past when the land records were maintained manually, the corrupt politicians, revenue officials and middlemen tampered with and grabbed the land of the poor. Farmers were not aware of the land they owned had records in their name. They were very bad days with chaos and mental tension among farmers.
Now with land prices going up phenomenally all over Telangana, one could imagine what would be the situation. There could be murders, court cases, and police cases that farmers had to face. Keeping all there in view and protecting the farmers holding small and marginal stretches of land, the state government introduced the well-thought-out and foolproof Dharani portal, CM KCR explained.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao