Four farmers commit suicide in a single day in Telangana

Telangana is grappling with farmer suicides. In the last 24 hours, four farmers in Telangana have lost their lives, and two more are currently receiving treatment after attempting suicide. A lack of sufficient support from the state government is driving farmers toward suicide.

In Bhadradri Kothagudem district, tenant farmer Pittala Lakshmaiah (40) of Annapureddypalli Janakipuranna was cultivating paddy, cotton, and chillies. Despite his efforts, crop failures led to mounting debts. Additional financial burdens came from his father’s medical expenses and his children’s education. Following his father’s death a month ago, Lakshmaiah drank pesticide on his farm. He was taken to Penuballi Hospital but died on Saturday night. 

In Jangaon district, a female farmer committed suicide after years of fruitlessly seeking land registration. Pasunuri Narender Reddy from Kondapur purchased an acre of land in 2011 but faced continuous delays in registration. The land was later sold to another buyer. Despite assurances of alternative land, the delay and deception led to Kuncham Venkatalakshmi (35) drinking pesticide on Sunday morning. After her death, relatives protested in front of the mediator’s house. Authorities have taken measures to prevent further incidents.

In Mulugu district, Vankudot Rajamma attempted suicide on Sunday over a land dispute. Rajamma bought land in 2018, but it was registered under another name. Despite government surveys confirming her ownership, the land was not transferred. Distraught, she drank pesticide and was taken to Mulugu Government Hospital for treatment.

In Jangaon  district, a farmer couple, Ketawat Santhosh (36) and Saroja, attempted suicide due to debt. Santhosh died, while Saroja is receiving treatment. The couple cultivated four and a half acres and supplemented their income by driving mowers, cars, and autos. However, poor yields and insufficient rental income led to overwhelming debt.