Completion of several irrigation projects by KCR transformed Khammam

Despite the Godavari River flowing through the region, the rulers in the united Andhra Pradesh state neglected to provide irrigation water to Khammam district. However, after the formation of Telangana, KCR addressed this issue by constructing several irrigation projects in the district. 

Bhakta Ramadasu Project was constructed in the Paleru Constituency of Khammam District, providing irrigation water to 70,000 acres. Following this, the Sitarama Project was designed to supply irrigation water to the upper tracts of Khammam district. With hundreds of TMCs of water flowing into the sea via Khammam district, the BRS government formulated plans to harness the water.

Another example of the water management challenges during the united AP era includes the Rajiv Dummugudem and Indira Sagar projects. Despite their early proposals, these projects saw little progress until the formation of Telangana. After bifurcation of the state, new issues emerged. The transfer of seven mandals from Khammam district to Andhra Pradesh complicated the Indira Sagar Rudramakota project, making it an inter-state project dependent on AP’s cooperation. 

Consequently, the proposed irrigation for 1,33,000 acres in Khammam district faced uncertainties. Additionally, with the Rajiv Dummugudem project’s pipeline passing through the Kinnerasani wildlife forest area, obtaining clearances became doubtful.

Upon becoming the Chief Minister, KCR reviewed district-wise irrigation projects. Recognizing the technical flaws and defects in the Rajivsagar and Indira Sagar lift schemes, he ordered their re-engineering into a single integrated project named the Sitarama lift irrigation Scheme. This scheme aims to irrigate 6.74 lakh acres across 25 mandals in Khammam district and one mandal in Warangal district, while also providing drinking water to numerous villages. 

KCR laid the foundation stone for this project on February 16, 2018. During his tenure, the BRS government completed the Sitarama lift works and the construction of pump houses, with the current Congress government conducting trials recently.

The Sitarama Lift Irrigation Scheme, initiated by KCR, plans to irrigate three crops in the ayacut region through the Nagarjuna Sagar canal in Khammam and Mahabubabad districts. Over the years, plans have been developed to provide irrigation water to farmers by utilizing the Krishna River’s ayacut. 

Former CM KCR also planned to fill the Palair Reservoir with Godavari water through the Sitarama project, ensuring the supply of Godavari water to Nalgonda district, thereby stabilizing around 4 lakh acres in ayacut.