Even the name of “Jana Sena Party” is copied from a movie!

We all know that Telugu film industry is notorious for plagiarism. We have seen how scores of Directors, Music Directors, Screenplay, Story and Song writers, have directly ‘lifted’ content from other language movies.

But, we are sure that you wouldn’t have expected this one.

Pawan Kalyan’s latest movie…err political party’s name is also directly ‘lifted’ from a recent movie.

In the movie Namo Venkatesa, released in 2010 Actor Jeeva launches a party with the name “Jana Sena Party”. What’s hilarious to note is that in the movie, the whole Jana Sena party episode comes as a comic relief section – much like the real Jana Sena in AP Politics.

We have posted some screenshots from the movie, which is incidentally available in YouTube. You can also watch the full movie at the end of this article.

We knew that Pawan Kalyan’s latest political party was conceptualized and executed in true filmi style by Telugu Film industry technicians, so we are not at all surprised that they did what they are best at – i.e copying from other movies.

This episode only proves that Pawan and his team are bereft of any original ideas and are only trying to fool people with their meaningless political concoction.

Watch the scene about Jana Sena Party in the scene starting at timeline 6:55


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