ED violated its undertaking given in Supreme Court, says MLC Kavitha’s lawyer Vikram

In the ongoing legal saga involving MLC Kavitha and the Enforcement Directorate (ED), various arguments and proceedings have unfolded in court. Kavitha’s lawyer, Vikram Chaudhary, raised concerns about the alleged violation of the undertaking given by the ED in the Supreme Court. He highlighted that Kavitha’s arrest was purportedly in contradiction to these assurances. Chaudhary emphasized that Kavitha had cooperated with the ED’s investigation, attending inquiries whenever summoned.

Chaudhary outlined the sequence of events, stating that despite assurances made by the ED in the Supreme Court regarding not arresting Kavitha, she was indeed arrested. He mentioned ongoing proceedings in the Supreme Court regarding Kavitha’s case and requested that the court consider granting her exemption from arrest until the next hearing.

During the court session, Kavitha expressed concerns about not being allowed to communicate with her lawyers effectively. She pointed out discrepancies in the timing of communication arrangements, indicating a lack of proper access to legal counsel.

On the other side, ED’s lawyer, Zoib Hussain, argued that the assurances given by the ED in the Supreme Court did not prohibit taking serious actions against Kavitha. He emphasized that there were no explicit orders to refrain from extreme measures. Hussain stated that the deadline mentioned in the Supreme Court had expired and that Kavitha’s case did not have any interim orders in place.

Hussain urged the court not to base its decision on media reports and emphasized that previous orders given in similar cases, such as that of Nalini Chidambaram, should not necessarily apply to Kavitha’s situation.

In conclusion, the legal proceedings involving MLC Kavitha and the ED have seen arguments centered around the alleged violation of assurances, the interpretation of Supreme Court orders, and requests for exemption from arrest. The court is set to reconvene on the 19th for further deliberations.