Don’t vote hastily: CM KCR tells public in Chennur

Chief Minister KCR told the public not to vote hastily, impulsively or influenced by money as the vote will change people’s lives and will also decide their future of five years. KCR advised the voters to think and vote while addressing the BRS Praja Aashirvada Sabha of Chennur constituency organised at Mandamarri on Tuesday. He said Chennur is politically vibrant area and where various movements took place.

India is very different from developed countries. The maturity that should have been taken place in the democratic process has not happened. If there is maturity politically there will be no trouble in the election. During elections false allegations and money bags play a role. Many countries have developed and people have voted wisely, those countries are developing. In democracy vote is a weapon. Hence the public should vote wisely and should think carefully, discuss with ten people and decide what is true and what is false, KCR noted.

Elections are going on for the third time in Telangana. People have to think about the candidates, how they work for the people. More important than the candidate is the party behind him, its behaviour, thinking pattern, what works are done if given power is given should be inquired. A party has a rich history in this country. The history of BRS is before the people. BRS was not born 100 years ago and it was born to achieve separate Telangana. The boss of BRS is not in Delhi. People of Telangana are the bosses for the BRS. Only BRS knows what the people of Telangana want and what their aspirations are, KCR explained.

If there is a Delhi boss one can see what happens by looking at the tussle over Congress tickets and looks like a puppet show. Through fourteen years of struggle, defying death, going to jails, being humiliated Telangana was achieved. People know what the party has done since ten years and compare it what the previous Congress government did, CM KCR suggested.