Delimitation could lead to strong people’s movement in southern India: KTR

Minister Mr KT Rama Rao has said there would be a strong public movement if the centre resorted to decreasing the Parliamentary seats in the Southern States in the name of delimitation of the seats. He has warned the Centre and PM Modi to take into consideration the views of the South Indian people before arriving at a decision. The people here would not remain spectators if the centre goes ahead with its decision, he said.

Mr Rama Rao said it gives him pride to represent the vast public in the Southern state and proud to be an Indian. If the BJP comes out with a trick in the name of delimitation, it would not be good for the people and the country. The BJP as part of its strategy might be trying to decrease the Parliamentary seats in Southern states as the regional parties are strong here.

Mr Rama Rao had expressed similar concerns in the past as well. As the general elections are nearing, the BJP has been floating its funny ideas to corner power at the centre and in states. With its One Nation One Election, uniform civil code, and changing the name of the country are among its recent ideas to divert the public attention to gain political mileage.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao