Congress leaders wait for their New Delhi bosses to announce candidates

Now not just the Delhi bosses, but party leaders from Karnataka are also dictating terms to Congress leaders in Telangana. For every decision not only pertaining to their own party, but even that of development and welfare of people in Telangana, they will have to depend on their Delhi bosses. Those bosses have no time to immediately respond to our case or care for Telangana people. These Congress leaders from Telangana have to hang on at their doorsteps or loftier around until their bosses make time to listen.

This is dead against the self respect of people of Telangana. Even after securing Telangana for over six decades, they are ready to lose their self respect once again and be at mercy of somebody. For this very reason, they stood behind their credible leader Mr KCR who delivered the much awaited separate Telangana.

The TPCC leaders are huddling not once but repeatedly to arrive at a decision on selection of party candidates for ensuing elections. Then they will meet another committee at New Delhi. After that another committee sits over it for a final decision. People of the state saw how Mr KCR decided at one stroke party candidates for the elections and amused by his decision and speed in his decision making.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao