Congress govt. to sell 2,600 acres of land to raise funds for six guarantees?

The Congress government is mulling to sell 2,600 acres of government land to raise funds for implementing the six guarantees. It has been reported that the state government recently decided to sell lands owned by the Housing Board and its affiliate, Deccan Infrastructure and Land Holdings Limited (DIL), aiming to generate funds for projects such as Indiramma houses and other welfare schemes.

Presently, DIL holds 1,800 acres of land in Telangana, and the Housing Board owns an additional 820 acres. The State Reorganization Act has complicated matters, as Telangana insists on exclusive ownership of lands in the state, contrary to the decision of the Sheela Bhide Committee.

Surprisingly, the state government is planning to sell these lands, citing its inability to protect them from encroachers and legal challenges. The government acknowledges that many lands are already in dispute, posing a challenge to protecting the remaining cleared lands.

However, selling these lands might be an uphill task for the government, as they are part of the ninth schedule of the AP Reorganisation Act