BJP’s apathy continues towards Telangana in railway budget  

Telangana continues to grapple with decades of neglect in its railway infrastructure. Currently, Telangana is among the states with the shortest rail network coverage, and the recent union budget has further disappointed the state, as it received less funding compared to other states. 

In the budget allocation, the Minister of Railways and Ministers of State for Railways have directed substantial funds to their respective states, leaving states like Telangana with inadequate support. Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, and Uttarakhand have been given higher priority, while Telangana’s allocation pales in comparison. While Uttar Pradesh received about Rs. 20,000 crore, Telangana is left with only a quarter (Rs. 5,071 crore) of that amount. Even states like Odisha have secured twice the funds allotted to Telangana.

Telangana, with just 3% of the national railway network, has not been accorded the priority it deserves. Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav’s home state, Rajasthan, has received Rs. 9,782 crore, which is Rs. 4,711 crore more than Telangana. Similarly, Odisha, where Vaishnav is a member of the Rajya Sabha, has been allocated Rs. 10,536 crore, double the funding for Telangana. Minister of State for Railways, Raosaheb Dhanve’s Maharashtra received Rs. 15,554 crores, and Darshan Zardosh’s Gujarat secured Rs. 8,571 crores.

Telangana, a key player in national development with a rapidly growing economy, is host to numerous job opportunities, attracting people from various parts of the country. The transportation of goods, including toys, from the state to all corners of India emphasizes the need for a robust railway network. Unfortunately, the negligence of the union BJP government continues to hinder progress.