Congress govt disregards Telangana’s robust revenue growth; determined to tarnish state’s image

The Congress government in Telangana is determined to tarnish the image of the state for petty political gains. The newly elected government has completely disregarded the state’s robust revenue growth and strong economy. The Congress party is investing a lot of effort to project that Telangana’s economy is in crisis but the figures say the opposite. 

According to the Reserve Bank of India’s latest report, Telangana’s State Own Tax Revenue (SOTR) is the second highest in the country standing at 84.2%. SOTR is one of the key indices to indicate the robustness of any economy. Also, contrary to the false propaganda by certain sections, Telangana is among the bottom five states in the debt to GSDP ratio. 24 states are ahead of Telangana in the said ratio. To add, while the subsidy burden is rising in many other states, Telangana’s finances are healthy in this aspect too. Only 12.4% of the SOTR is going as subsidies, while the number is 92.7% in Chhattisgarh and 67.4% in Tamil Nadu.

In addition, as per the latest Nasscom’s India GCC Trends, Hyderabad has emerged as a burgeoning hub for Global Capability Centres, surpassing all major cities. Recently, Hyderabad was ranked as the best Indian city to live by Mercer’s for the sixth time. 

Unfortunately, neither the CM nor the ministers have acknowledged these achievements. The Congress party is only engaging in tarnishing the image and damaging the reputation of Telangana.