Utter confusion prevails among public over application for 6 guarantees

Utter confusion and chaos are prevailing among the people of Telangana over the application for the Congress government’s six guarantees. The state government announced that it would accept applications from December 28 from the public who want to avail benefits under the six guarantees. However, there are no proper guidelines on the identification of beneficiaries. Even the minister and officials are clueless about the implementation of the schemes.

The six guarantees comprise around 13 promises and there is no clarity if the public should apply individually for every scheme or all schemes together. Some of the schemes are for individuals and some are for families and the application format which is in wide circulation includes all the six guarantees. The eligible beneficiaries who intend to avail both individual benefits and family benefits are now confused. They are unsure whether they should apply separately for each scheme or if a single application form would serve the purpose. 

The previous government didn’t take any separate applications for schemes such as Rythu Bandhu. The concerned AEOs would collect the details of the beneficiaries and the amount was directly deposited into the bank accounts. Now, another issue with the application form is the mandatory requirement to attach a white ration card.

Many small farmers who hold 1-2 acres of land do not possess a white ration card. The question is, will those farmers be excluded from the Rythu Bharosa scheme, which falls under the six guarantees? Also, the application form allows the tenant farmers to apply for Rythu Bharosa but it is not clear what proofs they should attach.

The Congress party is facing criticism for taking the people for a ride. Many argue that the application form is a plan to hoodwink the public and delay the implementation of the guarantees.