Congress cheated Telangana: CM KCR in Sirpur Kagaznagar

Chief Minister KCR said that the Congress party has done a great injustice to Telangana and we have been suffering for 58 years with the behaviour of that party. He expressed anger that Telangana was cheated by the Congress party. KCR participated and addressed the BRS Praja Ashirwada Sabha organised in Sirpur Kagaznagar constituency.

People know the history of BRS party, which was born for the people and rights of Telangana and achieved the state. The BRS has been running the government since ten years. BRS should be considered different from previous governments. Development is visible in the State. Public gave opportunity for 58 years to Congress party. The existing Telangana was forcibly taken away and merged into AP and it made Telangana people to suffer for 58 years and lost many things, KCR lamented.

In 2004, the Congress said that they would create Telangana State by forming an alliance and the BRS believed it. After coming to power Congress did not give Telangana immediately but tried to split the BRS party again. Telangana was given as all sections of the Telangana society staged a Sakala Janula Samme and paralysed the government. When the election comes, instead of panicking the public should decide whom they should vote and who will do good to people and the State.

Chief Minister KCR advised people not to vote hastily and impulsively. People have to count what the government has done for the welfare of the people and then cast their votes. Discretion and democratic maturity has to be applied before casting vote, he said.