CM KCR writes to Prime Minister Mr Modi on Ukraine returnees.

The Telangana chief minister Mr K Chandrasekhar Rao has written to Prime Minister Mr Modi to help the medical students who had to leave Ukraine due to war here.
He said about 20,000 Indian students suddenly left Ukrain as Russia invaded the country and made their lives miserable. They were all poor and middle-class students who went there as medical education was affordable for them in Ukraine. But their fate had been different for them.
There are about 700 students from Telangana state and it was decided to fund their education by the state government.
All those from Telangana would get financial help from the state government to continue their studies here.
However the Central government should help in accommodating them into various medical colleges and increase the seats each semester as required by the students.
Mr KCR requested the prime minister to come forward and help their students in this regard by according permissions for the purpose. The students could complete their leftover medical studies here in India without any hassle as the state government would bear all their expenses.
The CM also reminded the prime minister that was the most unfortunate situation and should be considered an unexpected circumstance. Hence the students should a helping hand from both the state and central governments. They would be an asset to the country tomorrow.
“The Central government should relax the existing rules and help the Ukraine returnees resume their medical studies here and it is the need for the hour,” Mr KCR said.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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