CM KCR honoured Telangana heroes

Hyderabad: Chief Minister KCR has brought the lives and history of heroes who have been hidden for centuries and decades in the united AP state and honoured them for their sacrifices. Thus he inspired future generations. Steps have been taken to officially organise the birthdays and anniversaries of Telangana’s heroes. Apart from naming the universities after them to ensure that their fame will remain forever, the entire Telangana always remembers those great men as awards are given in their names.

As an opt reply to Andhra peoples arrogance statement of ‘There are no poets in Telangana’, Suravaram Prathapa Reddy brought out the issue of “Golkonda Kavilu” with 370 poets saying ‘Here is Telangana’s rich poetry’. Sardar Sarvai Papanna Goud, the warrior who challenged the Mughal throne and hoisted the Bahujan flag on Golconda Fort, was the darling of Telangana. Kumram Bheem, the Gond hero who stood up for the voices of the adivasis. Doddi Komuraiah was the first martyr who died in Telangana peasant struggle. Many of these revolutionary leaders inspired the final statehood movement.

Sarvai Papannagoud. Kumrambheem, Nawab Ali Nawaz Jung Bahadur, Paidi Jayaraj, Doddi Komuraiah, Chakali Ilamma and others were trampled by the previous rulers. Whenever the occasion arose in the movement, KCR used to mention the legacy of their struggle and remind them of their memories. He used to say that they will be given a high position in the state.

As such, after the creation of Telangana, the memories of the great ones who have been forgotten in history were enshrined on the lofty peaks. As a part of that, the Sarvai Papanna Jayanti celebrations are officially organised by the government. Sarvai Papanna idols are installed in every village. The BRS government built a museum at the cost of Rs.50 crore at Jodeghat, where Muram Bheem walked. Once a restricted area, Jodeghat is now a flourishing tourist destination. Moreover, the BRS government has paid tribute to the hero by constructing Adivasi Kumram Bheem Bhavan in the heart of the capital.