CM KCR demands Bharat Ratna for renowned poet Anna Bhau Sathe

BRS founder and Telangana CM K Chandrashekhar Rao has demanded that the Bharat Ratna award be conferred on the first-generation Dalit poet Anna Bhau Sathe. Addressing a massive gathering at Wategaon, Sangli district on the eve of Anna Bhau Sathe’s 103rd birth anniversary celebrations, Mr KCR said the Telangana state government totally supports the cause. Late Sathe is not restricted to just Maharashtra but is a universal poet. He paid rich tributes to the poet.

The late poet was recognised by Russia and he was awarded ‘World Poet’ and his statues are established in libraries and colleges. Sadly, the Indian government failed to recognise him. The Maharashtra government should take up the cause and ensure that his writings are translated into other Indian languages.

The Russian government accorded the respect to Anna Bhau Sathe that it accorded to world-renowned writer Maxim Gorkhy. Mr Sathe who hails from the untouchable Mathang community which did not get its due and remained untouchable even today. The BRS government would fight against this and work towards empowering the Mathang community in all respects. Mr KCR enthralled the Maratha people with his eloquent extempore. He stole their hearts when he recited a couplet from the writings of Kalidas.

Though not his own turf, Mr KCR was at ease with the local leaders and people in Maharashtra which he has been cultivating for about an year or so. He did not perturb and indeed felt at home. People listened to him with rapt attention and often applauded him throughout his speech. The BRS leaders of Maharashtra and people accorded a grand welcome to Mr KCR on his arrival in the state.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao