CM KCR calls on people to save the country

A strong resolution and great commitment are the need of the hour to save the country from divisive forces, said CM KCR. “We should all fight till the last drop of our blood to save this country and give it a new direction,” he said. The CM was participating as chief guest at the Iftar party hosted on the eve of Ramzan month at Hyderabad on Wednesday. Greeting the Muslim community, he said this was our country and we all need to protect it from going astray at the hands of fundamentalist forces.

Had the Central government worked with the vision and commitment of the Telangana government, the country would have prospered enormously. The GDP would have been increased by three to four lakh crore in addition to the existing one. But it adopted regressive and anti-people policies out of its hunger for power, KCR added.

Mr KCR appealed to youth and every community to strive to protect the country by all means. He wanted them to show the same spirit as they did during the separate Telangana movement. “In the house of God, there may be a delay but never the darkness,” he quoted a famous adage from the Urdu language.

About nine years ago, Telangana state was considered very poor but due to the grace of god and the affection of people, it was turned number one on all parameters. This was stated in the Parliament by the Union ministers several times. The per capita income of Telangana is Rs. 3,17,115. It is far ahead of bigger states like Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka and major contributor to the country’s GDP, Mr KCR pointed out.

Before the BRS came to power, the earlier Congress government spent just Rs. 1,200 crore on minority welfare but the BRS government spent Rs. 12,000 crore in the past nine years.

Social welfare minister Koppula Eswar and Home Miniter Md Mahmood Ali lauded the state government for its initiatives in empowering the minorities in the state.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao