BRS will win more seats than the last elections: CM KCR

Chief Minister Mr K Chandrashekhar Rao asserted that the BRS party will win four to five seats more this time than it won in the last Assembly elections.
Addressing a massive gathering at the Suryapet on Sunday afternoon, he exuded confidence that the BRS will return to power for the third time in the state and with more Assembly seats. He cautioned the people not to get carried away by the false promises being made by the opposition BJP and Congress leaders in greed for their power. He said that the parties were trying to mislead people by making impractical promises that they do not implement in the states where they are in the ruling.

CM KCR said BJP is not in the race and the fight is between BRS and Congress party in Telangana this time. This is the time people should be careful about what the Congress leaders are talking. “They say they will scrap Dharani, the farmer-friendly system. They say just three hours of electricity is enough to cultivate agricultural fields. And they go on talking nonsense. If you believe them, you will repent later,” CM cautioned people.

“The Congress was in power for over five decades. Never did it occur to them to ensure free and quality power to farmers, never cared for strengthening the irrigation system, and never bothered about reasonable pensions for the poor and elderly,” he said. KCR added that they just gave a pittance of Rs. 200 monthly pension. It is the BRS party that enhanced it to Rs. 1,000 and will give more in future.

Feeling like fish out of water, the Congress leaders are eager to lure voters for power. If people do any mistake, they will be at a loss. “If you chase two birds at a time, you end up losing them both. Go back to your villages and initiate debate on what good did the BRS do to you all. Think twice before casting your votes. Elect all the 12 BRS candidates in the Nalgonda district and expect more welfare ,” he said promising much more bright days for the people.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao