BRS victory is a foregone conclusion: KTR

BRS victory is certain once again in Telangana, asserted party working president and Minister Mr KT Rama Rao. He was addressing the party workers on Wednesday at party office. Devarakonda Congress party leader Bilya Naik joined the BRS party with hundreds of his followers. Mr KTR said the BRS enjoys the utmost popularity in the state and people are strongly behind the party. There was no doubt on victory of the party in the ensuing elections.

The Congress leader N Uttam Kumar Reddy and A Revanth Reddy vowed to defeat the BRS party but they are proved to be wrong. They talk very high of themselves but in fact people detest them for their cheap politics. The BRS promises and delivers them to people, hence it enjoys popular support. The tribals got utmost respect and welfare under the BRS government.

They got podu lands and Rythu Bandhu scheme. Their hamlets which did not witness any development for decades under the Congress rule were upgraded as Panchayats and they got enough funds for development works. Now they have proper roads, drinking water, street lighting and good sanitation. The BRS cared for the tribals, KTR said.

The Congress leaders did nothing during their six decades of ruling. The BJP leader Amit Shah who told a bundle of lies to people here should tender a public apology, he said.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao