Mission Telangana

BRS committees in every village in Maharashtra: KCR

The BRS party will constitute village level committees all over Maharashtra from May 7 to June 7, said BRS party founder KCR. He said the party will organise a kisan rally with 12 lakh people. The mission BRS was formed to achieve change in the country and it will continue its mission until goal is achieved, he added.

KCR said people listened to various political leaders and parties since independence. The country’s leadership did not respond to changing times accordingly. The country is trapped in conspiracy. People should wake up and bring about a change. The BRS will be in the forefront in this mission, he said.

Maharashtra, Telangana and the whole country is facing power and drinking water shortages. The country has abundant resources and need not beg from America or Russia. The people of Maharashtra are asking the BRS to liberate them from this kichdi sarkar.
The river Godavari passes through Gadchirowli and yet this state witnesses water shortage. Who is responsible for this sad state, this should change now, KCR said.

The country records 1.40 lakh TMC of rainfall yet no measures are taken to utilise it. The country has 70,000 TMC of water but it goes unutilised. A strong will is needed to usher the country into a different mode now. The aim of BRS is to ensure free power and water to all people and good and transparent governance of the country, Mr KCR said.

The BRS will contest the coming local body elections in Maharashtra that will herald a change in the country’s political scene, he asserted.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao